Relationship Repair

  • Is your relationship in moderate to severe crisis?
  • Living together but feeling lonelier and more resentful as time goes on?
  • Have poor communication and unresolved conflicts been terrorizing your marriage?
Relationship Repair

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“A critical moment for decisive action.”

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I am an advocate for couples in crisis.

I have developed a unique, proven method that helps couples get on exactly the same page with one another without spending months or years in counseling and exposing them to unproductive fights that leave them more tired and exhausted.

Learn how I can help you and your partner break out of your cycle of resentment and restore trust, respect, and intimacy in your relationship!


The old saying that a good relationship takes work couldn’t be truer than it is today. Almost 40 percent of marriages end in divorce. And about half of those who remain married report experiencing a “loveless marriage,” staying together only for the sake of the kids or security! But unmarried couples fare no better in making their relationship last. The sad fact is: Relationships are more fragile than ever. 

Add to that the incredible amount of challenges that constantly threaten your relationship from all sides–from external stresses of life, stresses at work, stresses of parenting, financial burdens, drama with the in-laws, temptations to get your needs met elsewhere, all the way down to even minor things like ongoing disagreement about who’s turn it is to do the dishes! 

When there are enough of these “little” problems left unresolved and backlogged, you end up in a perfect storm–where your relationship runs high on resentment, low on grace, with hair-trigger arguments, or worse, no arguments at all! And now you’re on your way to becoming a statistic. 

Given the incredibly low survival rate of marriages, what chance do we have of beating the odds and sustaining the love you both felt in the beginning?

The Really Good News: Love Is Not Just a Feeling; It’s an Ability

And of all the abilities you must have in your marriage toolbox, the single most important skill you must have is how to fight well!

Surprised? Well, it shouldn’t. Because what is 100% guaranteed is that you and your partner will fight. So conflict isn’t something you can avoid or afford to be bad at. If you love your partner, you must learn to initiate tough conversations with him or her and be excellent at resolving conflicts, both respectfully and productively! After all, what good is all the love if we’re so bad at conflicts, right?

The #1 Thing Couples Therapy Should Teach You

Couples who seek couples therapy or marriage counseling are those who have run out of options trying to resolve the conflicts on their own. Depending on the relationship expert you choose, couples therapy or marriage counseling can be an excellent choice for couples who:

  • Deal with communication failures and don’t know how to “fight well”
  • Have frequents arguments about “little things,” like death by a thousand cuts
  • Have problems trusting one another
  • Feel lonely and disconnected from their partner
  • Fear they will have to separate if something doesn’t change

It all really boils down to one thing. If there’s anything that couples therapy or marriage counseling should teach you, it’s how to handle conflicts like pros.

Limits of Traditional Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Unfortunately, couples therapy has earned a reputation for requiring many months or even years to complete and often exposing couples to a lot of painful and unproductive fighting along the way, which isn’t too far from the truth in some of the more common approaches in couples therapy and marriage counseling.

Kairos Coaching: Couples Therapy Reimagined

Kairos uses a proven method to help couples break out of unhealthy cycles of resentment and nurture a new level of trust, reveal newfound respect for one another, and revive their intimacy. Think of it as couples therapy supercharged and made safe, fast, and structured so that we can achieve best outcomes, without doing unnecessary damage along the way!

You will learn strategies on…

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Not sure about couples therapy or marriage counseling? At Kairos, we make sure every couple who comes to us is a good fit for our approach before we commit to a coaching process. Remember: The most successful couples are those who are open to learning and have a deep desire to grow. Reach out to schedule a free consultation to determine if you qualify on becoming a Kairos couple!

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