About Kairos

Meet Bryan: Your Relationship Coach.

SOME LIKE PLAYING CHESS, some like solving math problems, and others like fixing cars. I’m terrible at those. Or maybe it’s that I was never in the least bit interested in them to begin with. But the one thing I’ve always had a knack and a passion for was people and their problems. It’s been that way as far back as I can remember.

As a boy, you would find me sitting in the back of the school bus listening to a classmate confide in me about how hard life was at home. Thirty minutes into pouring their heart out, strangers would typically say to me, “I can’t believe I told you so much about my life when we just met!” And then a hug as we would part ways.

Human beings: fascinating creatures, all of us. Mysterious and complex. Paradoxically so beautiful and so broken. Nothing captivates me more than listening to someone’s story—their pain, their struggle, their hopes and dreams, and their obstacles that to them feel like towering, impenetrable edifices that have them trapped from all sides. And nothing elicits a more powerful desire in me than to escort that person from the suffocating confines of their “prison” and into wide open spaces where they belong, where they can grow fully into the person they were meant to be. And thus began my journey into relationship coaching.


About Your Relationship Coach

I’m a culinary late-bloomer, an aspiring author of many books I have yet to write, a recovering perfectionist, a prolific composer, and an amateur musician. I am a die-hard homebody, a staunch believer in chivalry in relationships and loyalty between friends, and a lover of long and honest conversations. I am often accused of being an idealist and a hopeless romantic, and I was probably born in the wrong century.

C.S. Lewis is my literary hero. Liam Neeson is my life-long man-crush. And I’m a very proud uncle of three nephews: Levi, Asher & Miles.

Why I’m Drawn to Couples Therapy.

FROM WATCHING MY FATHER pass away suddenly in front of me at 5-years-old, to undergoing multiple emergency surgeries to save my eyes from impending blindness, to having my lifelong dreams dashed to pieces by my own missteps and failures (not just once, but twice), to being massively heartbroken and abandoned by the woman I love more than life itself, I know what it feels like to hurt deeply and to look over the precipice of total hopelessness and despair. I’ve stood on the glorious mountain peak, and I’ve also sunk into groveling and crying out to God in the abject misery of the valley.

I wish the road to growth didn’t have to be so painful. But if it’s only through death to myself that I can experience new life in me, if it’s only through the valley that we can ascend the mountain of transformed character, then it is in the valley that we must be grateful to be. So if you find yourself in a “valley” season of your life at the time of reading this, you are at a critical juncture where one of two things will happen. You will either grow into a more beautiful and mature you with the right help from a relationship coach, or you will miss the window of opportunity and emerge as the same person you were before, except for the hardening of your heart and an onset of emotional stagnancy. This proverbial fork in the road is called your kairos.

Who you will become is determined by how you choose to spend your valley season. What will you do with your kairos?

kai • ros

“A critical moment for decisive action.”