(Re) Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy (Re)imagined.

Tired of venting sessions?

Want more out of couples therapy than going over the newest “fight of the week”?

Craving tangible results?

This is what so many couples express wishing they had from the professionals they turn to for relationship help
— a growing need with the crisis so many are facing today. 

Relationships are hard. There’s no denying it. Even with fewer people getting married nowadays, the fact that the U.S. currently has the third highest divorce rate in the world speaks for itself. The saddest part about it–especially for a relationship coach like myself–is knowing how many of these marriages would have been saved had more couples considered couples therapy before deciding to pull the plug.


BUT IS Couples Therapy a Good Idea?

That’s certainly not to say couples therapy is without its shortcomings! While couples therapy has become mainstream, many also report having had troubling experiences in the past.

Common complaints include:

In other words, reviews are a mixed bag when it comes to couples counseling. Therapy for you as a couple may be hit-or-miss. Your experience will largely depend on the relationship expert you choose.

Conventional methods produce conventional results. While traditional couples therapy has done good for some marriages and mostly been on the right side of the war against divorce, many couples are looking for a quicker and better solution for reviving the love that’s been trapped under years and layers of resentment.

Understandably, for something as delicate and important as their relationship, they don’t want mediocre or haphazard. They want to be given the best possible chance of saving their relationship! They want a process that is more powerful and safer at the same time.

You may also be one of many who wants to see real results as soon as possible rather than frustratingly spending endless sessions talking ad nauseam about your issues in couples therapy.

It’s time we took a bold, new approach to couples therapy–leaving behind what’s outdated and obsolete for what’s effective and innovative. 

Introducing Kairos. It was designed for those looking for a different couples therapy experience—one that breaks the stereotype of what “therapy” is supposed to be. It’s for those who strongly prefer a process that…

Kairos: Taking Couples Therapy to a Whole New Level.

Kairos means “a critical moment for decisive action.” Some decisions in life are time-sensitive, and when it comes to saving your relationship, the window of time for you to act may be smaller than you think! Tragically, the average couple waits 6 years to seek couples therapy for serious relationship problems. But the moment you recognize unhealthy patterns is the time to take action. Saving your relationship can spare you years of regret while protecting something as critical as your family.

What sets Kairos Coaching apart from other therapy decisions is how quickly we are able identify the problems in your relationship and implement best solutions, all while keeping you and your partner safe using our structured process.

Here’s what one client recently said:

“My husband and I are stronger together now that we’ve been working with Bryan at Kairos Coaching. Bryan’s method makes perfect sense. It is a practical and ‘hands on’ approach — not just talk therapy! In just one month, our marriage has gone from hopeless to hopeful. Even after 23 years of marriage we have A LOT to learn on how to make a marriage work. Make no mistake it is work, but it does pay off. We both are excited to continue his program for another month. Thank you so much, Bryan, for what you do!”

At Kairos, we are taking couples therapy to a whole new level!

The Trusted Solution to Traditional Couples Therapy.

(Re) stands for (re)imagined + (re)engineered. Are you ready to move beyond traditional couples counseling in search of a proven process that delivers massive, positive outcomes for your relationship? Schedule a free consultation with Kairos Relationship & Personal Growth Coaching!

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