on restoring
eroded trust in
your marriage

Does the Following Describe Your Relationship?

Which of these scenarios best describes your relationship?

Scenario #1

If so, this indicates that your trust has worn thin toward your unreliable partner.

Scenario #2

If so, this indicates that your eroded trust has ruptured for your dishonest or unfaithful partner.

Repair Damaged Trust

If your trust and patience have worn thin towards your unreliable or unloyal partner, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Bryan Staab, and I specialize in helping couples repair the most critical and foundational part of their relationship: Trust. Because without trust, nothing else matters!

I have developed a unique process that has over a 90% success rate of helping couples go from untrusting, resentful roommates to lovers once again! And better yet, everything I have learned and implemented with my clients—over 10,000 hours of sessions—I have distilled into my two brand new 8-week, online programs, which are coming in 2024!

Choose a Masterclass Program:

If you’re a couple whose trust has eroded over many “small, petty, day-to-day” arguments:

If you’re a couple whose trust has ruptured over “big-time” dishonesty or betrayal:

Systems & Rituals

Systems & Rituals contains powerful lessons and a practical, step-by-step plan on:

  • How to be effective teammates and eliminate nagging, scolding, reminding, and micro-managing from your relationship once and for all.

  • How to create a culture of accountability and follow-through.

  • How to win your partner’s respect and admiration even if frustration, criticism, and disappointment have become a part of your everyday language.

Boundaries & Dungeons

Boundaries & Dungeons show you exactly:

  • How to mend broken trust when trusting again feels difficult or impossible. Even if one or both of you are thinking, "How can I ever trust them again?"

  • How to empathize fully and take accountability so that your partner can truly forgive and heal.

  • How to proof your marriage from the same violation from ever happening again.

Who Can Benefit from This MasterClass?

These courses show you exactly how to become the most trustworthy person your partner knows! And no, you do not have to spend months or years in couples therapy and endless discussions that never seem to go anywhere. These courses are designed to be as drama-free as possible, and your conversations completely focused on trust-building solutions!

Who This Course Is not for:

Couples Show Love for Kairos Masterclass Programs.

restore eroded trust in your marriage review

“Bryan is an amazing human. He took my husband and I from a place of hopelessness and separation, to a place of understanding and hopefulness. We thought we had done all we could to make it work and as a last ditch effort, contacted Bryan. If nothing more than being able to teach us ways to co-parent effectively.

Instead, my husband and I learned how to love again, how to forgive, how to work through issues, how to communicate with love and compassion, & how to grow, together. It has truly been an amazing experience. It has brought back a passion and love we thought was long gone. He has saved our marriage and love but most importantly, our family and our children’s future. We are forever thankful for him and what he has done.

Thank you so much.”

— Stephany and Moises

“I found Bryan four months ago via a google search for couples counseling in the Seattle area. I read all the glowing reviews and reached out to set up our first appointments. At the time, I felt desperate. Our 15 year marriage seemed like it was imploding. It was a confusing and scary time. I worried about divorce and how that would affect our children.

My husband and I both liked Bryan immediately. He was sincere, a great listener, adept at recognizing the core issues in our marriage, and ready with a systematic plan to help us mend our marriage. Over those weeks, we actively implemented the strategies and tools he provided. We dug up past grievances and healed them. I began to love and respect my husband again. We became a team again. Our partnership feels stronger than ever, which is crazy to me because I was almost sure we couldn’t fix things. Our kids see the changes in us & our home is peaceful for them now.

Thank you, Bryan.”

— Heidi & KC

restore eroded trust in your marriage review

Kairos: Couples Therapy (Re)imagined and (Re)engineered.

100% online courses.

Weekly group coaching sessions.

Coming Fall of 2024.

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