While many couples seek help for their relationship, Kairos couples stand apart. They move beyond the courtroom mentality, blaming each other the way angry prosecutors do. And they equally stay clear of the victim mentality, which evades accountability for the role they each played.

Instead, Kairos couples embrace relationship challenges with the same determination and optimism that athletes show towards their obstacles—viewing them as opportunities that can be overcome with a combination of grit, perseverance, expert coaching, and teamwork.

Like all serious athletes, Kairos couples are
Like all serious athletes, Kairos couples are:
glimpse of the impact Kairos has had

Here’s a glimpse of the impact Kairos has had, in the words of a couple who experienced this transformative journey:

“I am so glad my husband and I found Bryan at Kairos. We were stuck in a cycle of conflict, struggling to understand and listen to each other, and Bryan helped us see the light. His incredibly systematic, easy-to-follow, and effective approach was a game-changer for us. In just three months, our sessions with Bryan transformed our relationship. We learned to preempt conflict, resolve resentments, and communicate effectively.  I am forever grateful for Bryan’s help and strongly recommend him to all couples. My only regret is not seeing him sooner!”

Like this couple, our ideal clients show up to each session with the heart and determination of an athlete!

Are you ready to become a Kairos couple? 

Are you ready to take your relationship fitness to the next level?

ready to become a Kairos couple


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