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Why Are More Women Less Happy in Their Marriages?

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No one walks into marriage planning for divorce. In fact, most women enter into marriage with big dreams of happily ever after. A few years down the road, however, reality sets in, finding many women less happy in their marriages than they had initially hoped. This overriding unhappiness on the part of women in heterosexual marriages is one of the primary factors driving the high divorce rate in society today. Did you know, for instance, that nearly 70 percent of all U.S. divorces and 62 percent of U.K. divorces are initiated by women? The better couples understand what is driving this overwhelming unhappiness, the sooner you can address the issues and find a solution that doesn’t result in the dissolution of your marriage.

Driving Forces that Make Women Less Happy in Their Marriages

The times have changed in many ways and modern households often find men and women working to contribute to the household income. However, some things remain the same, leaving many women to understand that having it all simply means bigger “to-do” lists at the end of a long work day. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey reports that 21 percent of men did household tasks, such as laundry and cleaning, on an average day compared to 49 percent of women. That’s more than double – and this division of labor is a sore point, making more women less happy in their marriages.

Taking Care Of Children

The same holds true when it comes to caring for children, helping with homework, and even transporting children from one event to another. While this is something many women gladly do for their children, most admit that it would be nice for their husbands to lighten their loads substantially.

Working Full-time Job

These aren’t the only issues affecting modern marriages, unfortunately. As women have learned that they can earn as much, if not more so than their husbands. This means that the ages-old “benefit” of marriage, financial security, is no longer the glue that holds marriages together, especially in the case of relationships where women feel overwhelmed by bearing the brunt of household and child-raising while working full-time jobs.

Needing Emotional Support

Finally, there is the emotional support issue. Many women are attracted to the strong silent type with the assumption that he will be a rock in the relationship and a major support for their emotional needs. Unfortunately, the strong silent type isn’t as good at communicating the depth of his emotion or of offering supportive words in a woman’s time of need. This can lead to greater conflict and a woman who feels alone or abandoned when she needs her husband most.

Men are often content with things as normal and often feel blindsided when they find out their wives aren’t happy in the marriage. They simply do not pick up on the subtle signs and hints their wives deliver. Even if wives suggest counseling, many men feel like it is an unnecessary intrusion – one they might consider a little more intently if they fully understood the precariousness of the situation and their marriages. In fact, counseling could prove essential for saving many marriages if both parties participate openly and honestly.

Making Women Happier in Their Marriages

You might think that the challenges that make women less happy in their marriages are insurmountable. That isn’t the case. In fact, small efforts can yield impressive results by making her feel more appreciated, better loved, and, perhaps most importantly, heard. Women do still hold to the fairy tale version of marriage and want their own happily ever after stories. That doesn’t mean you can’t make her happier with one small gesture at a time.

Yes, there are some sacrifices that will need to be made for the sake of her happiness. You might surprise yourself to discover, though, that once you put them into practice, they don’t feel like sacrifices at all. You may even find that you enjoy doing them. More importantly, you get to experience the enjoyment of her reaction to your small sacrifices, which will likely be bigger than you imagined.

Will Changes Help Women Less Happy in Their Marriages?

There are no guarantees in life. However, if your wife is considering divorce and walking away from your marriage, you have nothing to lose by trying to make a few small adjustments. Isn’t your marriage and the love you have for your wife worth it?

Chances are good that your wife isn’t the only one who feels somewhat dissatisfied with the current state of things. While many men accept that life and marriage aren’t perfect, many women less happy in their marriages want to change that. Can you imagine the difference it will make for your marriage if you do your part to help? Perhaps it’s time to look beyond traditional marriage counseling and consider an alternative with the Kairos Masterclass for Couples. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by participating.